Under the title “The Life of Thanksgiving and Sufficiency,” The Shepherd and Mother of Light service (SML) organized the annual summer retreat for the needy from July 12th to July 24th, 2018 on the North Coast at Abo Talat Beach.
These retreat aim to serve the widows and their children through spiritually and entertainment programs, they come from different dioceses. More than 2,500 women and children, divided into 4 groups, participated in the retreat over the course of the 14 days. Each group spent four days at the time.

The daily program began with the Holy Mass, followed by breakfast, and then spiritual program. Afterwards, the group gathered for lunch and then enjoyed a break period at the sea and pool. Before dinner they have a period of rest, then they participate in another spiritual session and an evening entertainment program.

Seeing the smiles and joy on the faces of the forgotten are the best part of the retreat and makes all the preparation worthwile. Most of them had never seen a beach before. Some women expressed their happiness by zaghroota, others by singing (taraneem). They were so grateful for how SML took care of them, with love and humility.
Mothers of the martyrs in Libya were among one of the groups. The SML servants said that when meeting them, you can tell that peace from heaven fills their hearts, especially after the relics of their sons were returned to Egypt and displayed in their church in ElOor, Samalut.

“It is only God’s hands and blessings that guarantee our success in organizing these retreats, especially when you consider the large number of guests and the related challenges,” said Yosry, the leader of the retreats.


“I’m so happy.

This is the first time

in my life seeing a beach.”

                                                    “God bless SML servants.

                                                   They are serving us

                                                with love and care.”

Among the guests who attended the retreat were some of the family members of the 21 martyrs. One of the mothers of the martyrs was on the beach filling two water bottles with water from the sea.
Finally, one of the servants asked her why she was keeping the water and she responded, “Because this sea is blessed with the blood of the martyrs.”

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