Nadra is the wife of a day laborer with unstable income. She always dreamed of receiving an education, but it was never possible. However, she was at least able to see her dream realized through her three children: Madonna (14 years old); Youssef (13 years old); and Mariam (4 years old).


One day, her husband came home from work and announced that the kids would be forced to quit school, since he could no longer afford their school tuitions. But Nadra was determined to see all three of her children receive a proper education.


She found work in a steel factory for appliances, but the difficult labor took a toll on her body and damaged her back. She continued to work despite her severe pain, all that while praying that she would find a better job.


One morning at church, Nadra’s friend told her about the new El-Raie jeans factory established by the Shepherd and Mother of Light (SML). They were looking for someone to work as a cleaner who could start right away. Nadra went to the factory the very next day to ask for the job and they hired her on the spot.


True to the meaning of her name, Nadra’s rare and special personality shines in the factory. She is a favorite among the staff and the managers because of her contagious smile and loving attitude. When she showed an interest in learning to sew, her colleagues were happy to train her.


Being an ambitious and hardworking woman, Nadra is balancing both jobs: she performs the cleaning duties full-time and she helps with the production process when she has extra time.

Not only is Nadra happy to be able to help her children finish their education, she is also proud to be learning new skills.

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