Behind the scenes of the Summer Retreat, SML servants work as busy as bees to make sure every single detail is as perfect as possible. Most of them do not get to meet a single visitor, because they are supporting the back lines.
One group is designated to the sea, where their job is to draw a border in the water by holding ropes. This is done to create a safe swimming area where all the guests can be monitored and protected against the strong waves. Some servants were even assigned to swimming with the kids and carrying them in the water if they didn’t know how to swim.

Feeding 700 people per group is certainly not an easy task, but the servants did an excellent job of providing enough quality food for all the guests. They hired professional chefs who cooked delicious meals and made sure everyone was well taken care of.
Not only were main meals offered to all the guests, but also snacks and sweets to the children.
In addition, SML provided Medical Team on site during the whole period to give the guests the medical care they need as soon as it’s needed.

While the retreat is meant for having fun, safety is always the number one concern for SML servants. A rotating group of servants was tasked with providing 24-hour security for the guests. They carefully made sure that every famiy was checked in and out properly and that they were accounted for during the entire retreat.

The whole retreat is truly as systematic as a beehive: everyone playing a role and contributing to the team. May the Lord reward them for their love and support of the mission.

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