9:00 am — 6:00 pm
Samuel Field Y
58-20 Little Neck Pkwy

Little Neck, NY 11362 United States
$10 – $210
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Play Table Tennis with C4NC

Both Competitive & Non-Competitive Athletes Welcome!

Deadline: October 13, 2018

Competitive Tournaments:

  • Under 1000 (Time 9:30 AM; Limited to 16 players)
  • Under 1200 (Time 11:30 AM; Limited to 16 players)
  • Under 1600 (Time 9:30 AM; Limited to 16 players)
  • Under 1800 (Time 11:30 AM; Limited to 16 players)
  • Under 2100 (Time 1:30 PM; Limited to 16 players)
  • Table Tennis Open (Time 3:00 PM; Limited to 32)

1st Place, 2nd Place, & 3rd Place Prize: Trophy
1st Place, 2nd Place, & 3rd Place Prize: Trophy
1st Place, 2nd Place, & 3rd Place Prize: Trophy
1st Place, 2nd Place, & 3rd Place Prize: Trophy
1st Place, 2nd Place, & 3rd Place Prize: Trophy
1st Place Prize: $1000; 2nd Place Prize: $400; 3rd Place Prize: $100

Non-Competitive Tournaments:

Don’t want to play? Come join us and cheer us on!

Tickets: $25.00

  • Handicap (Time 1:00 PM; Limited to 16 players)

1st Place Prize: $150; 2nd Place Prize: $100; 3rd Place Prize: $50

*All participants are subject to a $10 registration fee.

Show your support with a C4NC-branded table tennis polo shirt (available at event).

To be added to the wait list for Under 1600 tournament, Under 1800 tournament and Under 2100 tournament please call Mr. Ayman Ibrahim at (516) 428-8872 or send an email to aibrahim@aikcpa.com

Proceeds to Benefit Misr AlMahaba Hospital in Upper Egypt

To participate please call Mr. Ayman Ibrahim at (516) 428-8872 or send an email to aibrahim@aikcpa.com

Meet our sponsors:

As we rejoice in the resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ, celebrate the tremendous joy that comes from putting a smile on the face of a child and instilling comfort in families. A joy made possible to 3560 families, thanks to your generous Easter donations! . . . . . –

Care 4 Needy Copts would like to wish you all a happy feast of the Resurrection! Although Easter felt different this year, we are reminded of what Easter is all about “The Resurrection “which brings hope to overcome the toughest days! As we celebrated Jesus Christ’s resurrection, we are reminded of the hope and love Christ has given us; love that is very evident in all your actions! Despite the current circumstances that put our life at standstill, your love…

Afaf is a 40-year-old wife and mother from El-Menia, who has been suffering from kidney failure for many years. She’s undergoing kidney dialysis and receiving blood transfusion on a regular basis. Often, Afaf faces complications during dialysis due to blockage in the catheter. As a result, she was in need of an operation to implant an artificial vein to alleviate the blockage. Unfortunately, the family’s limited income has caused Afaf to postpone her surgery. Recently, she was admitted to Misr Al Mahaba…

The first “Run for a Cause 5K” would not have been possible without all the amazing runners, volunteers, sponsors, and supporters who were a part of the event. Your participation brought us closer to our goal of building a new place for the 40 Special Needs individuals in Upper Egypt. We are grateful for your support! #5krun #cause#volunteers “Thank You” to our Runners and Volunteers for Making the First 5k Race a Success! The day would not have been possible without…

Can you imagine losing a limb? A leg, an arm, a foot, or even a hand? I can’t…. Tony too never imagined he would lose a limb. When Tony was young, he was always on the street playing soccer or riding his friend’s bike, he was always active yet never broke a bone. Tony is now a 36-year-old man who works as a driver in a pharmaceutical company. He is married and has three children; two daughters and a son.…

Join Care 4 Needy Copts in spreading God’s Love by filling a “Basket of Love” for a needy family in Egypt. The items that you’re giving are: Meat 280Rice 60Butter 65Tea 50Sugar 55Chocolate 25 Total 535 LE = $30.00 “When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed.” ― Maya Angelou DONATE

Watch the soft opening of Misr AlMahaba Hospital from October of 2018!

Ereny Ayad is a young lady who wanted to do more than just find another job after graduation. She wanted a job where she could make a difference in people’s lives. She knew she wanted to work to help enrich lives through friendship, community, and education. In August of 2018, Ereny found her calling and her place at the Special Needs Center in Taha, Samalout. Here is her story: Ereny fills each day with love. She starts by greeting the…

Here is his story: Magdy Aziz Hanna is married and has 3 children. Unfortunately, one day, Magdy’s neighbor’s house collapsed and took Magdy’s house with it. Thankfully, the family was safe but the house was destroyed. The family lost their home as well as all their belongings. Because the house is not in living condition and because they can not afford the renovations, the family is staying at Magdy’s brother’s house. SML brought an engineer to inspect the house and here is…

Care 4 Needy Copts is deeply humbled and grateful to accept the endorsement of Pope Tawadros II for our service to the most vulnerable communities in Egypt. For the past 13 years, we have been working to lift thousands of families out of poverty and empowering them to live in dignity. Thank you to everyone who has supported our mission and to Pope Tawadros II for His kind words and guidance. Pope Tawadros II offered his endorsement of Care 4…


October 20, 2018
9:00 am - 6:00 pm
$10 – $210

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