Afaf is a 40-year-old wife and mother from El-Menia, who has been suffering from kidney failure for many years. She’s undergoing kidney dialysis and receiving blood transfusion on a regular basis. Often, Afaf faces complications during dialysis due to blockage in the catheter. As a result, she was in need of an operation to implant an artificial vein to alleviate the blockage. Unfortunately, the family’s limited income has caused Afaf to postpone her surgery.

Recently, she was admitted to Misr Al Mahaba Hospital, the family prayed for a miracle. They were referred to SML Medical Office to see how the service can help Afaf. By the Grace of God, the same day Afaf was admitted to the hospital, Care 4 Needy Copts received a phone call from a generous donor who wanted to sponsor medical cases. It was truly humbling how God sent the generous donor at the right time to cover Afaf’s medical expenses!
The family is very grateful for God’s timing!

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