We often hear about the problems people with disabilities face—physical obstacles, social rejection, and medical crises. Yet some people do overcome these significant challenges and lead successful lives.

What does success mean to them and how do they achieve it? What internal characteristics do these individuals possess and what external factors have been presented in their lives?
In a small village in Upper Egypt named Tama, Atef Shawky was blind from the age of three. Throughout his childhood he felt isolated from the society, but his parents gave him the emotional support he needed. All his adult life, he tried to find a small and suitable job for his disability. His main income came from a small government disability pensionand monetary support from his parents.

As is the norm in his community, Atef got married to one of the girls in his village and has three children. Even though his parents struggled financially, they never stopped providing him and his entire family with support.

Atef was always eager to find a way to earn his own income. He wants to overcome the challenges of his disability and lead a meaningful life.

He inquired about SML’s workshop in his village, where individuals are taught how to make liquid soap and perfume, hoping that his dream might come true.

He enrolled in the center in December 2015 and joined a three-month training program to learn to mix raw materials and fragrances to make perfumes. Atef’s wish is that his story could serve as an inspiration to others who find themselves in a desperate situation.
Thanks to the workshop, we can now say that:

The internal characteristics that Atef possesses for success is Atef himself.
And the external factor that has been presented to him is the service of The Shepard and Mother of Light.

Atef wishes his story would serve as an inspiration to others, who find themselves in desperate situation.

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