Radi Sobhy Shokralla is 57 years old and he lives in the village of Armant Hait – Luxor with his wife, Soaad, and their three children who are 16, 9, and 6 years old. The family has also taken in Radi’s blind mother.

Five years ago, Radi was diagnosed with a spinal disease and inflammation of the middle ear. Due to lack of medical treatment, his condition has worsened and he constantly suffers from dizziness and nausea.

The full responsibility of taking care of the family fell on the shoulders of his wife, Soaad. She began working from home selling biscuits, sweets, and some grocery items in order to cover her family’s living and education expenses, as well as treatment for her husband and care for her elderly mother-in-law. When this modest income was not enough, Soaad picked up a second job cleaning homes.

When the volunteers of the Shepherd and Mother of Light visited Radi’s family, they offered to help as much as possible. They decided to finance the much-needed treatment for Radi and set up a care plan for his mother who suffers from an infected gall bladder and high blood pressure. They also worked with Soaad to improve her two businesses and increase her monthly earnings.

After the visit made by the volunteers, Radi smiled and stated, “For years I have been thinking about my poor wife, who never complained, and I prayed that God would send help. Now, I feel a mixture of joy and gratitude.”

Thank you to all of our generous donors for their continued support and kindness who make stories like Radi’s possible!

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