The Educational Programs institute learning centers in villages that have no schools, providing books and school supplies, helping people of all ages get an education in order to improve their lives. Because this is an area of greatest need in the region, it is one of the major programs in the Shepherd and Mother of Light (SML). The program’s aim is to help people to get better life opportunities.

Literacy and Awareness

Literacy Centers are centers through which women learn how to read and write, have fellowship, learn about hygiene, and learn about their rights. They also learn how to live a healthy life and are told about their rights and responsibilities as citizens. This program is geared towards women because they are oppressed in the Egyptian culture and are not given the chance to prove themselves. In addition, they are taught certain skills in order to get jobs and earn an income. SML reached 37 classes with 20-25 members in each class. These classes last for two years and then the women graduate and move on to practice what they have learned.


This program takes care of preschoolers by providing them with care and basic education before they start school. This program was started through requests from the religious leaders of the areas to take care of the younger generation of their communities. It serves children ranging from ages 4 – 7. Since the beginning of the program, more than 39 nurseries have been founded with over 125 children over the course of 5 classes. The program encompasses several aspects of the children’s lives including:

– Educational services

– Montessori program

– Nutritional support

– Behavioral education

– Medical services

The King’s Daughter

This program focuses on the empowerment of women. Teenage girls and young women are taught how to properly protect themselves in society, to have fellowship, and how to make for themselves a place in the oppressive culture they live in.

Spiritual Development and Retreats

Spiritual programs work to develop and improve spirituality and fellowship among the communities we work with. Monthly visits with spiritual leaders are arranged and religious satellite channels are brought to the televisions of the people. In addition, spiritual days and retreats are organized for the people so they are able to spend much needed time away from the harshness of life and direct their cares and needs to the One who created them.

Human Rights (Nationalism)

In many cases, it is hard for people to know what rights they have and how to access them. The human rights program provides workshops to educate the people on their civil and political rights, enabling them to attain necessary official documents including their national Identification Cards.  Being educated about these rights and attaining the paperwork necessary is very important because not only do they now have official rights, but also they have the ability to vote for their community representatives and government officials.

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