Get Involved

Our brothers and sisters in Egypt need the involvement of each one of us. We invite you to be a part of building a healthy future in the lives of those we serve.

Meeting the Needs of the Copts

C4NC established 2007, with few volunteers, growing tremendously in the last few years as it succeeded to:

• Transfer needs from Egypt to US• Transfer funds from US to Egypt• Stay accountable to beneficiaries and donors• Create a partnership between US and our families in Egypt• Help donors to get involved in the service in Egypt

Growth through Engagement

C4NC is growing fast through:

• Social media awareness• Youth involvement• Field visits to serve those in Egypt• Involving other communities in the US in our work• Continuous communication with the field• Matching funds with people needs• Matching donations to donors’ desires

Join us

You can be a part of the impact by:

• Donating toward our current campaigns• Having your donation matched by your company• Joining us by serving in Egypt• Invite us to speak at your church about our work• Host an event in your community to raise funds for Egypt