The Health Care Program offers aid for ongoing medical needs. It ensures appropriate medical care for the sick by connecting them with a specialist for examination and treatment ranging from medication to surgeries. The program started by upgrading available local clinics while referring complicated cases like cancer, heart diseases, reformation of the spinal cord, and similar cases to specialist doctors. Many cases are referred to hospitals for surgeries and other investigations.

Special Needs Program

The program is serving those who are physically or mentally challenged. They are enrolled in education centers that assist them in taking care of themselves and teaching them how to be independent people so they are not isolated from society. They teach them to work together on small projects.

Misr AlMahaba Hospital

Medical Care is one of the biggest challenges the Egyptian community is facing, especially in poor areas. Many people in Egypt are lacking access to affordable, professional health care.

C4NC is supporting the building of Misr AlMhaba Hospital, in Bani-Mazar, ElMenia to ensure a healthy future for beneficiaries through professional, affordable
medical care in Upper Egypt. Construction of the Hospital started in July 2012, with an opening in March 2018. The hospital provides:

– Outpatient, Inpatient services

– Pediatric services & neonatal unit

– Specialized operation rooms

– Laboratory services

– Well equipped Pharmacy

– Radiology department

– Emergency & Intensive Care Unit

– Kidney dialysis & Cardiac unit

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