Meet Ahlam

Ahlam is a young widow living in Beba, Bani Suef. She has three children, Christine, in her third year in college; Hani, who doesn’t have any degree; he skipped school at a young age; and working at a carpenter shop. The youngest is Nermine, in her second year of High school.

 Ahlam lost her husband after liver failure three years ago. The same year, her oldest daughter, Christine, was in high school and got 99.5%. She was accepted at the Medical school in ElMania and is now in her third year.

Ahlam’s income is limited, and her children refuse to accept money from the church; the church offers her a job to keep her dignity and provide her family with LE 500 monthly salary. Christine needs a lot of expenses in medical school; Ahlam reached out to SML, and Christme was added to Care 4 Needy Copts Scholarship program on the condition that Christine keeps her good grades. Ahlam’s dreams are to see her children succeed and help her daughter become a famous doctor.