C4NC exclusively serves individuals who are living in extreme poverty. We provide funding to the Shepherd and Mother of Light (SML) programs. On the third week of each month, SML volunteers travel to Upper Egypt to follow up on the current beneficiaries and locate new families in need of help. Each one of the new cases is carefully assessed and then a development plan is recommended to the organization.

Since its inception, fifteen years ago, Care 4 Needy Copts has made a difference for 67,534 families and has touched the lives of many more.

Our organization has several programs that provide different services to the people. These programs are divided into four categories: Economic Development, Education, Healthcare, and Relief Services.

C4NC works hard to lift families from living below the poverty line to a level where at least their basic needs of food, shelter, clean water, clothing, education, and healthcare are met.

Program Sponsorships

Economic Development

Economic Development programs exist to improve people’s conditions, enabling them to provide for their families through the implementation and management of small projects that they can run. There are three main economic development programs within the organization. These programs help the people either take interest-free loans to start their own businesses which are well researched by the organization, matched with a job through our employment centers, or enrolled in a Vocational Training Program…


The Educational Programs institute learning centers in villages that have no schools, providing books and school supplies, helping people of all ages get an education in order to improve their lives. Because this is an area of greatest need in the region, it is one of the major programs in the Shepherd and Mother of Light (SML). The program’s aim is to help people to get better life opportunities…


The Health Care Program offers aid for ongoing medical needs. It ensures appropriate medical care for the sick by connecting them with specialists for examination and treatment ranging from medication to surgeries. The program started by upgrading available local clinics while referring complicated cases like cancer, heart diseases, reformation of the spinal cord, and similar cases to specialist doctors. Many cases are referred to hospitals for surgeries and other investigations…

Relief Services

The Relief program gives needy families monthly financial aid to help them meet their basic needs. The program is different than the loan programs as it does not require beneficiaries to repay the given monthly aid. Eligibility for the Relief Services program requires the primary caregiver to be disabled or too ill to provide for the family. The organization first assesses each case thoroughly, and then makes a decision on the amount of aid. The monthly support given to each family varies depending on the number of family members, and how many members are unable to work.