Sponsor a Family

Having a Healthy Family is the dream of all parents. Parents strive to provide for their children’s physical, spiritual and material needs; however, due to the unstable environment and economic challenges in Egypt, Copts are suffering to survive, to be able to provide even the most basic needs. C4NC through SML is supporting 14,000 families in Egypt by providing:

Monthly financial support: to assist with food, medicine, and living expenses House renovation: to improve sub-par living conditions Emergency Relief: for medical expenses Small loans: to provide jobs and income creation Wedding support: to enable couples to prepare their new homes

Families receive financial support until they are able to be independent. Once they graduated from the support program, the funds will be transferred to new families who are waiting for support.

Family sponsorship program is $50/month. You will be connected to the families in Egypt. You will receive their updates, needs and witness the impact on their lives.