One of the thrilling wishes for the New Jersey youth group visiting Egypt is to learn about the needy families cared for by SML; their wish came through when they visited Victor’s family in Bani Mazar, although victor worked as a security guard in a private company for so many years and was able to provide for his wife and his three daughters, last year he suffered an agonized spine pain and was not able to perform his duties as a guard. Victor’s company laid him off as he could no longer stand on his feet.

SML service was the only source that Victor could turn to with his situation, hoping that his case would meet his favorite response; that precisely is what happened; Victor’s family was added to the” Family Sponsorship” with monthly financial support in the main time he was offered a loan to start his own income project.

Victor shared his gratitude and appreciation for SML’s service to the youth. He agrees to take a loan and start his “Homemade bread” project with his wife to make his life more meaningful.

The youth were amazed at how Victor keeps a positive attitude even during his difficulties, and how he and his wife care deeply about the education of their three girls.

 The simplicity and the content of Victor’s family are enough to lead them to a happy life and that is what inspired all the youth.