The willingness to go above and beyond

Magdy and Christine are married and have two children. Magdy worked as a chef in one of the hotels in El Minya; he had a stable job and consistently provided for his family and their needs. While at work, he had an unfortunate accident, and as a result, he had to leave his job as he could not perform his duties. The situation put much financial strain on the family, and the medical bills and surgeries he had to go through absorbed much of their savings.

The Shepherd and Mother of Light Service visited the family and saw the passion and love in Christine for her family and her willingness to do anything to help her husband and daughters. She proposed starting a small home business to take care of Magdy while managing her new business.

Christine received EGP 8,000 and started selling clothes, cosmetics, and home products. She converted a small space in her house into a shop and started promoting it to her neighbors and community. Her business started picking up to the extent that she paid off her loan in 2022. She recently applied for a smaller loan to expand the business even more. We’re so proud of Christine and her accomplishments. We wish her and her family a healthy and prosperous New Year.