Awatef’s Store
While C4NC Executive Director Mrs. Laila Sidhom was visiting the field, on March 20th, 2019, she met with Awatef and learned her inspiring story. Awatef is a 38-year-old mom living in Upper Egypt.  Sadly, a few years after getting married, she found herself a widow and a mother of 3 boys; Awatef started to worry about how she was going to provide for her family and raise her children on her own, BUT deep inside her she had faith that God will not leave them.

She asked God to provide a solution. One day, a priest from her church told her about the service of The Shepherd and Mother of Light (SML). When Awatef discussed her situation with the SML servant, they came up with an idea of working from home, by opening a small grocery shop.

SML gave Awatef a loan to purchase the goods and to start her income generating project. Thankfully, after just a short period of time, Awatef’s small shop became successful.  Her inviting smile and gentleness encouraged her customers to return. Not only did the business help her financially but also taught her to rely on God and trust in herself. She is starting to pay off her loan and provide for her children. 

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