There are those who leave a lasting impact on the world, long after they are gone. Dr. Gehan Attia is one of those exceptional few. She has changed the lives of many with her positive attitude, creativity, empathy, and generosity.

Dr. Gehan Attia graduated from Ain Shams University with her medical degree in 1987. She immigrated to the United States shortly after, where she raised three daughters with her husband Dr. George Attia. She excelled in her healthcare career, providing mentorship and wisdom to those she worked with. Gehan always went above and beyond to help those in need without hesitation and with an abundance of love. She dedicated herself to lifting her community up with her kindness and grace. 

Dr. Gehan Attia was one of the founders of Rahma ’87. Established in 2019, Rahma, which means “Grace” in Arabic, brought together the 1987 Class of Ain Shams University Medical School in acts of service and personal growth. In her honor, Rahma ’87 sought to create “The Dr. Gehan Attia Educational Scholarship” as a testament to her life. This scholarship will sponsor medical students throughout their medical education, hoping to inspire future doctors to rise beyond their careers and commit to a lifetime of service. The chosen students will be the next generation of doctors to join Rahma ‘87 and carry the legacy of service that Dr. Gehan Attia began.

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