Hope For Julia

“I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.” Philippians 4:13

Update: By the Grace of God, Julia is in stable condition. She has completed her Chemo Therapy, moved back to her mother’s home with her children. Care 4 needy Copts is very thankful for everyone who helped Julia. We pray God bless you a hundred-fold for your kindness!

Daoud Nabil, 37 years old is married to Julia Karam, 27 years old. They got married five years ago and had a precious little boy named Nabil Daoud.

A couple of years later, Julia got pregnant again. This time, she had many complications while she was giving birth; both her kidneys began to fail. Dialysis was the only way to save Julia’s life. Julia started to go to dialysis three times a week at the Raga Medical Center. Although the treatment caused Julia extreme exhaustion, it did not stop her from being a dedicated, loving wife and mother.   

Thankfully, Dr. Ashraf Sobhy and Dr. Amani Bishara who are Julia’s doctors found a match for her kidney. Now the obstacle they face is affording to pay for her kidney transplant surgery.

When Care 4 Needy Copts received the news from servants of El-Menia, we knew with the support of our wonderful donors, we would be able to raise the necessary funds for Julia. With Christ, nothing is impossible.

We’re asking for your help! Together, we can help Julia receive the necessary medical attention she needs so that she can return healthy to her family.

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