Ereny Ayad is a young lady who wanted to do more than just find another job after graduation. She wanted a job where she could make a difference in people’s lives. She knew she wanted to work to help enrich lives through friendship, community, and education. In August of 2018, Ereny found her calling and her place at the Special Needs Center in Taha, Samalout. Here is her story:

Ereny fills each day with love. She starts by greeting the students and praying with them. She does this to make each student feel welcomed, special, and most of all, that they can do anything through God. Ereny also wants to make sure they are having fun and caring for their health. After prayer, they do some light dancing and exercise.

After the morning routine, she divides the students into groups according to their ability for workshops and learning sessions. At lunch time, the children and Ereny gather to have lunch together. After lunch, they have additional sessions that focus on social interactions and other life skills. Ereny and the students end the day with praying together to thank God for providing for them.

When asked what she loves most about her work, Ereny simply said that she loves to spend time with these angels to help them when they need help, to see them smile, and to bring even the smallest improvement to their lives. Ereny’s gift from God, and like the Lord’s love, her love for these angels is steadfast and never yielding.

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