The annual event occurred under the slogan “Share Joy to be Joyful.” A group of Copts and businessmen interested in the developmental social work of the Coptic Communities attended the ceremony. The honored guest Mr. Mostafa El-Feki, the writer and politician, participated in the ceremony. He delivered a speech on this occasion and stressed that Egypt needs initiatives such as those carried out by the service of the Shepherd and Mother of Light these days.

Eng. Samir Quzman, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, thanked the attendees and the support of the C4NC service in America, partners in Australia, Canada, and the Gulf, and all individuals and organizations supporting the service everywhere.

Fahem Foundation (Do you Understand Foundation) مؤسسة فاهم

Ambassador Nabila Makram, the former Minister of Immigration and the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the “Fahem Foundation for Psychological Support” also participated in this ceremony and gave an encouraging speech. Free psychological support for children and participation in treating those with mental illness.

Update from the service of The Shepherd and Mother of Light

A number of young men from SML also participated in the ceremony, and whose presence had a positive impact on ensuring the continuity of service for future generations.

During the ceremony, a documentary films were shown about the different sectors that provided to the needy families, which include social service, health and educational needs, in addition to urban development and economic development services. The film also presented live testimonies from some of the beneficiaries, in which they explained the positive impact of the service on their lives and their families in Upper Egypt. And also snapshots of the health services that are provided to the beneficiaries through Misr Al-Mahaba Hospital, which was established by the service under the umbrella of the church to serve the Egyptian community, especially the poor among them.

Join the Service:

The service leaders extended an invitation to everyone to participate and go along with the monthly service trip. A special invitation went toward the new generation of youth.

The ceremony concluded with a welcome and thanks from His Grace Bishop Julius, Eng. Samir Quzman, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, and Mr. Dr. Ihab Faltaous, Treasurer.

The service extends sincere thanks to Mr. Mounir Ghabbour, who hosted the party at the hotel and dinner for all attendees, as a contribution from His Excellency in supporting the service activities.

In the end, we extend our sincere thanks and appreciation to His Holiness, Pope Tawadros II, who gave a recorded speech about the service and his blessing for it, and his thanks to all the attendees, participants, and supporters of this service and this ceremony.

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