Each month before departing for their field service trip, all of the Shepherd and Mother of Light (SML) volunteers and workers gather for a spiritual day. It is a time for the group to come together to prepare for the upcoming task by listening to thought-provoking speakers and discussing new ideas as a team.

The servants met on May 4th, 2017, in St Mary Church, in Sheraton where they were addressed by Bishop Daniel, the abbot of the Monastery of Saint Paul, located near the Red Sea, as well as honored guest Mrs. Laila Sidhom, the Executive Director of Care 4 Needy Copts in the US.

The theme of this month’s spiritual day was “the basic character of the Christian servant”. It was an opportunity for the group to exchange thoughts about how to serve the needy and what to focus on when you enter their homes. The servants decided to encourage every family they will visit to keep on going to church often as well as taking communion on a regular basis.

During the meeting, the group shared a meal together and listened to a spiritual message from his holiness Bishop Daniel. Fr. Athansious the priest at St. Mary church Sheraton lead them in prayers. He also treated the servants to a surprise by playing some beautiful Coptic hymns on the violin.

The next day, 62 volunteers went to visit villages in Upper Egypt. They met up with the local volunteers, and together they spent time with 210 families in 47 villages. They all paid special attention to apply what they had learned the day before by praying and reading the bible with each family.

They also wrote reports on the status of every household they visited, as is standard for every monthly visit. Some needed furniture, blankets, and small household items, while others needed larger interventions, such having electricity installed. In all cases, the servants follow up with every family to make sure that they are all content.

The volunteers came back thanking God for His wonderful blessings and looking forward to the next month’s service trip.


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