The sun was shining and the air was dry. The Great Easter was less than a week. Today Mrs. Awatef and her children were completing their daily chores. They were not expecting any visitors. Suddenly there was a knock at the door, followed by repeated ringing of the front door bell. Mrs. Awatef’s youngest child, 6-year-old Irini answered the door. Standing in front of her was a group of people. The child was surprised and quickly called for her Mother.

As Mrs. Awatef approached the door, she recognized that these volunteers were from The Shepherd and Mother of Light (SML). Since the loss of her husband two years ago, these volunteers often checked in on Mrs. Awatef and her 3 children: 16-year old Dalia, 13-year old Emad, and of course, Irini. Both Dalia and Emad do very well in school, and also help to look after their youngest sibling, Irini.

About six months ago, Mrs. Awatef was diagnosed with breast cancer. She currently is unable to work. However, with God’s love and the help of SML, Mrs. Awatef’s family is financially and emotionally supported.

The purpose of the surprise visit was to give the family a box of food items: a complete meal for the family to enjoy together and chocolate for the kids. Mrs. Awatef eyes filled with tears not because she didn’t have any food, but because someone cared enough to come to wish her and her children a Happy Easter.

Mrs. Awatef told the volunteers, “the more there is hurt and pain, the more you see the Grace of God.” The volunteers were speechless and didn’t know how to reply to her confidence in God; they just asked her to pray for them, for the service and for God to bless everyone participating in this mission.

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