Touched by their love!

A group of youth from St. George & St. Shenouda Coptic Church in Bergen, New Jersey went to Egypt for a week long service trip guided by Father Thomas Nashed. Here is a look back on their trip!

A Look Back on their Experience

Fun Day!
A day full of smiles and love! During their trip, the youth spent a day with the children, playing games and having fun! For some, this was their favorite part of the trip. Some said, just seeing the kids happy made their hearts feel so full.

Visiting Blessed Families!
After visiting the hospital, some of the youth visited families in the service. They sat down with the families and listened to their stories. The group was touched by the warm welcomed that they received.

Visiting the Special Needs!
To continue their trip, the youth visited the special needs sector. They got the chance to meet some of the wonderful individuals in the service.

Monasteries & Churches!
After concluding their days of service, the youth visited some monasteries and churches, including: Libya Martyrs’ Church, Mother Sarah’s Monastery, Wadi El Natroun Monastery & more!

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