Two years ago, Mrs. Reda Faried didn’t know how to read or write. At 34 years old, she didn’t have any math skills or business knowledge.

Her four children (Demiana, 8th grade; Fathy, 6th grade; Nancy, 5th grade; and Abanoub, kindergarten) were good students, and Reda would look longingly at their tests and homework. She was feeling depressed and unhappy, because she could not keep up with their school work.
In her heart, Reda knew she had the potential to learn and succeed, but she didn’t know where to start. Then, a friend told her about SML’s adult literacy classes, and she joined the program immediately.

Within the first few classes, Reda discovered that she was a fast learner. In no time, she had learned to read, write, and to solve math equations. But the program taught her more than academic lessons; they taught her valuable life skills. She found that she could hold a conversation with her husband and kids, she could organize and analyze her thoughts, and she could manage her household well.

In addition, she started to spend time talking to her children about a variety of subjects that were important to them, and she could even follow up with their homework. For the first time this year, Reda paid monthly visits to her children’s school to speak with their teachers and check on their progress.

Recently, Reda thought to start a business of her own to supplement her husband’s income from his job in a bakery. His salary alone wasn’t enough to fully support the family. Thanks to her literacy classes, things were different now. She marched confidently to the SML office and requested a loan to start a poultry business.

Since then, Reda’s business steadily grew, and she paid back the loan she received from SML. Her family is relieved of their financial burdens with the extra income every month, and Reda is enjoying her life now that she feels personally fulfilled.

“I am very thankful for the opportunity I was given through SML to change my life and the life of my family,” Reda told the SML servants, wearing a huge smile.

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