Zahran Sabri, 42 years old, lives with his wife Sabah, 34 years old, and their five children who are all in school.

The family lives in one room with a rundown bathroom. The father was working hard as a farmer to provide for his family.

One year ago Zahran had a very high fever and was diagnosed with swine flu.  The virus had a bad effect on his mental wellbeing, which has caused problems with his work and his relationship with his wife and kids. He would start to hit them for no reason.

The situation kept getting worse and the children began to worry that they would have to stop going to school since the family didn’t have a steady income.

The servants of the Shepherd and Mother of Light (SML) studied the case and acted quickly to safe this family. They will be provided a monthly stipend and   the Income Generation Sector of the service is looking for a project for the mother to run from home since she is able to work.

In addition, the service’s Housing Sectors approved construction of 2 more rooms in the house and an update of the bathroom.

When the servants visited the family they were pleased to see how well-behaved the kids were and they asked the servants to let them continue their educations.  All of them had big dreams to be successful in the future. 

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