Care 4 Needy Copts would like to wish you all a happy feast of the Resurrection! Although Easter felt different this year, we are reminded of what Easter is all about “The Resurrection “which brings hope to overcome the toughest days! As we celebrated Jesus Christ’s resurrection, we are reminded of the hope and love Christ has given us; love that is very evident in all your actions!

Despite the current circumstances that put our life at standstill,
your love was unwavering. Your generous support to the Easter campaign provided Easter meals to 3,667 families.
It is truly humbling that we can still come together to remember our brother and sister in Egypt.

Absolutely, you are the source of encouragement for all who work at The Shepherd and Mother of Light, Care 4 Needy Copts, and we are greatly appreciated.

Thank you for continuing to believe in our mission!

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