The role of the Shepherd and Mother of Light (SML) Nurseries in changing old ways of thinking to help children and families.
Last year Christine, a beautiful 5 year’s old girl who was enrolled by her parents to SML nursery school in Sohag, was suffering from intense fear, which made her cry whenever anybody tried to talk to her. She was even too afraid to play with the other kids or join in the activities. The nursery supervisor was concerned about her, so she set up a meeting with Christine’s mother. At the meeting, Christine’s mother revealed that she would beat her daughter severely whenever she misbehaved, as she thought that this was the only way to correct her behavior. The supervisor believed that Christine’s withdrawn character at school were symptoms of depression caused by her mother’s discipline methods. The nursery’s staff talked to the mother about the importance of building her daughter’s self-confidence, and they taught the mother about more constructive ways to correct Christine’s behavior that would not destroy her self-esteem.
Christine’s mother agreed to attend follow-up seminars and meetings organized by the SML nursery where she continued to learn about the dangers of not treating her daughter’s mental health with care. The supervisor also arranged an integrated spiritual course for the whole family to learn how to apply the words and commandments of God in their lives. SML taught Christine’s parents how to handle their daughter’s behavior and gave them tactics to encourage Christine to start engaging in activities with other children. Christine began to change gradually, and she has become a joyful student who is eager to play with her classmates. Her parents thanked SML for the efforts they did as they noticed the change in their daughter’s behavior.

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